Monday, April 23, 2012


I had expected gnashing of teeth and tears.  I had expected gray skies, rain, and gloom.  I had expected total lack of energy and feeling pretty much hungover.

I was wrong.

Thanks be to God, the giver of all good things - especially the 78 degrees yesterday of beautiful in Oregon.  Yes, you heard me right - spring finally arrived and it topped out to deliver its best on the first day we returned from Maui.

After this winter/non-existent spring, I honestly wonder if I'm not meant to live somewhere else.  I really do love this state - and appreciate it for all its beauty from about May through December.  But, winter and early spring (or lack of) here can be cruel - and this year has been especially horrendous.  I have really fought a general lack of happiness for the first three months of this year because of it.  And, I don't think I even realize just how much I'm feeling this way until a day comes along reminding me what spring is supposed to feel like (or even a glimpse of summer) and it becomes so noticeable just what I've been missing emotionally.

The last two major vacations we've been on in, (Maui in '08, Orlando in '10) have had us returning to horrible weather that has lasted that way for a while - even though the vacations were in late April and May.  Those transitions home were very, very hard for me, downright depressing.  I assumed it would be the same this year - and braced for it...but I'm not feeling it.

This weather is not supposed to last past tomorrow, so I might be singing a different tune on Wednesday, but for now - I'm loving Oregon.  On my drive through the small Americana town of Coburg just north of Eugene, en route to my favorite destination for hanging baskets and annuals - I witnessed colors of every kind, horses grazing in a field of daisies, and even a Dalmation running merrily through the parking lot of the town's fire station.  On days like today, I feel like Maui has nothing on what Oregon has to offer.  I just wish the "days like today" happened more often.  But, for today, I'm indeed grateful!!!

Now, off to the patio - to get those baskets hung and annuals potted...

(Oh, and by the way, in perfect ironic timing, my bookmarked "Weather Channel" site shows rain and 68 degrees in Lahaina, Maui - while we are sunny and 74!!!)


sara said...

welcome home! so glad for the beautiful day for you!!!

re-entry is always hard for me.

StephieAnne said...

Today was cloudy. We didn't get a lot of direct sunlight. I was sad. I want to go back.......