Thursday, April 05, 2012

Gilham Hoe-Down!

 Last night was Mikayla's fourth grade class Hoe-Down.  They've been immersing themselves in the study of the Oregon Trail; doing simulations, keeping journals, making their own wagon - with the culmination being this fun evening to show off their talents in singing, dancing, and jump rope.  It was supposed to be the Wednesday night that we got such massive snowfall, but ended up being postponed until now. 

Here's the Gilham gym and the entire fourth grade class dressed in cowboy hats, prairie dresses, and bonnets.

Mikayla was positioned to stand next to her friend, Julia.  Julia is a "Chatty Kathy" just like Mikayla and they make each other laugh...a lot.  As you'll see by the pics.  Mikayla is dressed in a costume that our neighbor, Kristen, made for her daughter who is now in 6th grade.  Her son, Noah, is just up and over to the right from Mikayla in the blue shirt and red bandana.

Mikayla had a fun group of five to do a girls dance with.  However, unfortunately, her "male" dance partner couldn't make it to the Hoe-Down, so she ended up with a fifth grade girl as her partner during the couples dance.

This is our friend, Ellie, in her partner dance.

And, superstar, Kenady, getting one of the highest total counts when doing the jump roping portion.  (The kids all had distinct roles, so not everyone danced, nor did everyone jump rope).

Finally, back in the classroom, Mikayla shows of her map of Oregon, wagon, and journal.  Well done, sweetheart!

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