Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bobbi's Bridal Shower

About six weeks ago, my dear friend Becky asked if I would help her host a bridal shower for her best friend (and a good friend of mine) Bobbi.   I've known Bobbi since we started attending CCF.  Her boyfriend (for over five years) is a cheerleader for the Ducks.  It's been fun watching him over the years at the football games - particularly during the third quarter as they always stand below our section during that time.   She is such a sweetheart - so kind and lacking in any kind of "drama".  They have been such a "model couple" for everyone who knows them or is around them.  So mature, so thoughtful and respectful of each other - we are all overjoyed for them to finally tie the knot in a couple of weeks.

This has actually been a good diversion for me to have the week after returning to Eugene from Maui.  Knowing I'll be hosting the baby shower for Steph, this was kind of a blessing to also do so that I could double up on ideas and know what works and what doesn't.  We planned for a brunch and hoped to have it outside, however, it was just slightly too cool to make that happen (though we appreciated the sunshine!).  I think by August 4th - when we are hoping to make Steph's happen, it will be plenty warm enough!

This is the invitation we put together thanks to Vistaprint.  (My address was "retouched out" to be able to put it on the blog underneath the date and time, which accounts for it being slightly off-balance).

Bobbi's wedding colors are purple and gray.  How perfect it was to have these lilacs available (for free) just in time for the shower.  We have a tree of our own, but I've already taken the majority of blooms for my bouquets.  So, I stole these from Travis and Stephanie's side yard.  I barely made a dent in all that's in bloom there...

Here's some pics of the "spread":

This Almond Joy Bread was a new recipe I found on Pinterest.  If you like Almond Joy's - you will like this.  It's a little time intensive for a quick bread (involves a coconut glaze and chocolate ganache), but I was very impressed and considered it a huge success!

This is the only item I won't repeat - they are homemade sugar cookies, and I'm not thrilled with that recipe - a little dry.  I think I'd do this with brownies, cream cheese frosting and fruit on top of that next time.

The apple brie toasts were the last to be put together (we had an assembly line going to get those finished up) - so they weren't on the table.

Here's a glimpse of that assembly line featuring the help of Danielle, Becky, and Mikayla

Now, a picture with the Brie Toasts:

This was the only "party activity" that we had as Bobbi is not a fan of shower games.  (I'm not either, so that works for me!).  This requested guests to come up with ideas for date nights. 

The beverage table:

This is Bobbi, her sister Bethany (to the left), and her mom, Pam (to the right)

Present opening time: 

The gift I got for Bobbi - a huge container of Russian Tea as she is a fellow connoisseur =)

We ended the "official time" of the shower with hands joined in prayer for Bobbi

Then, folks moved outside - to chit chat, play some basketball, and take some photos with Bobbi.

This is Bobbi and Becky - best friends =)

Bobbi was wearing some significant heels - but even without, she's a tall gal.  Her future husband is very tall....always nice when it works out that way!

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