Friday, April 20, 2012

Adventures In Maui: Day Seven

Given it had been about 36 hours since I'd had any semblance of protein, and had been lying in bed since 1pm the previous afternoon, I was itchin' to get up and get going Thursday morning - particularly in search of breakfast! So I talked the whole family to go on a walk down the Kaanapli promenade in search of a restaurant serving breakfast. As we hadn't headed south yet - I opted for that direction, but we ended up hitting a dead end (along with some whiny kids). We did catch this cool pic though:

So, we decided to go towards Whaler's Village - figuring we'd find a restaurant that direction.  Not a lot of luck.  In fact, we sat down at the Tropica...but upon seeing French Toast priced at $17 and oatmeal at $9, we got up and left.  Another walk was in store for us, as we headed back to the room, picked up the vehicle keys and Travis (Steph was still dealing with the kidney stone), and headed to Moose McGillicuddy's as they served breakfast and even had a BOGO deal. 

Their French Toast was SO MUCH BETTER, so much cheaper, and included bacon.  This was definitely the meal the kids polished off best. 

Back at the hotel, we took advantage of our last day by hanging out poolside.  John got pictures of the kids going down the slide. 

For dinner, it was a return trip to Bubba Gumps - as we all enjoyed our meal and server so much before.  Along the way, glimpses of a gorgeous rainbow. 

And, for dessert, a return to "Scoops".  Yummy!!!!  (Don't worry, I got myself a cone after taking their picture!)

While eating our ice cream, we gave this little gal, Malay, some money for a Hula National Fundraising effort.  We ran into her later and teased her about getting ripped off, so we wanted her to prove she could really hula.  So, she taught Mikayla a few moves I remember learning in second grade myself...."Everybody loves a hukeela, hukee, hukee, hukee, hukee, hukee, hukeela!"

It was the perfect way to end a wonderful evening.  Back to the room and off to bed a bit early (lingering headache), before getting up ready to leave Kaanapali and spend one more day in Waleia. 

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Anonymous said...

I always thought it was sad that a vacation had to end. I've enjoyed yours through pictures. Thank you. Have a safe trip home.