Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adventures in Maui: Day Six

Otherwise known as "SICK DAY".  It wouldn't be a real Maui vacation without having to fight something I suppose.  I had spent the night prior fighting pain in the entire right side of my face/neck....lately I'm finding if I go 24 hours without Mucinex...I'm gonna face a sinus issue.  Ugh.  Stephie figured out by the late morning that she was in the midst of passing a kidney stone (or trying to).  She gets them very frequently (about every other month), so just her luck it would happen while in Maui.  Travis was still fighting his nasty cold, and the kids were both a bit sunburned.  So, we stayed at the hotel throughout the morning - and then, eventually John saved the day as far as making memories, by taking the kids to Lahaina and then Whaler's Village, while I spent from 1pm until this morning in bed with ice.  =(

While we were getting some sun, the kids gave the free Snuba demonstration a try.  I'm proud of them for volunteering to do it and trying a new experience.  They both liked it - and would prefer it over snorkeling.   Maybe that will be our next big adventure when we someday return to Maui again.

After a couple of hours outside, the kids had had it in terms of contact with sun.  We took them up to the room soon after this was taken.

I implored John to take the kids out and have some fun as I was not gonna be the one to hold the family up.  So, he took them to the Lahaina Pizza Company for dinner.  He gave the meal rave reviews.

And, chocolate chip mint ice cream for dessert.

They then took a stroll to Whaler's Village - stopping frequently to take some outrageous pictures.  I love them!  They brought joy to my life when he returned to show me the images.

We are all doing better today - however suffering still from the lingering effects.  I'm determined to not let it take me out's our last full day here in Kaanapali (we spend one night in Wailea tomorrow).  There is no time to waste nursing migraines!

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sara said...

oh no!!! sick on vacation is the worst!!! praying you feel great in the morning!

I didn't repsond on FB where I was going today...mainly because I have a family member that I don't want to know....long story. Anyway, I was on my way to TX to meet up with my mom when I took that picture! I really think she was making a fashion statement!! weird!!!

have a great day tomorrow!