Sunday, April 08, 2012

Celebrating Easter

Happy Easter everyone! We actually got some sunshine here in our neck of the woods which was a miraculous gift on top of the Eternal One we celebrated today.  At 9am, we joined my mom and dad at First Baptist to listen to a PHENOMENAL Easter presentation.   I loved the orchestra pieces they chose and the particular solo our friend, Scott sang, "The End of the Beginning" was outstanding and gave us chills all around (not to mention a message by our pastor that was "spot on").

Following church, we took advantage of the rays of sunlight to get a family picture taken outside.  Brayden is still fighting the "Harlow Flu" that spread amongst the counselors during spring break - so he looks a little worn out. 

We showed Mom and Dad the improvements to our back yard before joining Leona at Red Robin for lunch.   Some more family pictures were in order before the restaurant opened.

While waiting to order, I snapped a picture of Leona to use as her "Contact" photo on my phone. Doesn't she look great?

At the end of lunch, I snapped a pic of Mikayla - she was a little less than enthusiastic as shown by her expression.  Given all of the natural curl in my hair (given to me by my mom) - her's is straight as can be, so I'm always a little enchanted with her look when she lets me take the curling iron to it.

The rest of the afternoon has been spent adding additional base slats to our fence to prevent our wood chips from pouring out (and dogs from trying to dig in to visit neighbors....yes, Bogey and Sydney, I'm talking about you!), repairing our trampoline....and beginning the packing process.   That new blog design - that's thematic as we'll be heading to Maui with the Whites on Friday!!!  WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!


Tiffany said...

Maui? I'm jealous! The pictures are great and I'm so glad you guys had a great Easter. :)

sara said...

I am jealous too!!!! Maui?!!! How fun is that!!!

My daughter overslept and was late to church...we had baptisms after church so had to rush home to get dinner ready for no family pics....makes me VERY sad!!! :(