Thursday, April 12, 2012

Journey to the Capitol

The final activity before embarking upon Maui paradise was participating in the fourth grade field trip to Salem, to visit the state capitol.  Mikayla begged to ride up and back in our car, with just me - and we had a good time - with the "I'm-officially-breaking-my-pre-vacation-diet" stop for a sugar doughnut en route.  We arrived with plenty of time to spare before the buses, I begged Mikayla to let me take a nap, but she was just too excited to accommodate me. 

This is taken inside the House of Representatives Gallery.   I've never been inside the capitol before, so the experience was all rather fascinating.  It exceeded my expectations by keeping me interested, which is always a plus!

The girls, seated above to view the House of Representatives

This is the gold-guilded pioneer statue that sits atop the capitol building.  We got to walk all the steps up to see it up close - and the view from "his" perspective.

Gathered around the bronze seal in the rotunda

This gal was our tour leader.  She was a bit intimidating at first - with high expectations for the class' behavior.  Fortunately, Mikayla's class is exceptional and for the most part, they were REALLY well mannered.  She would have stressed me out a bit if I were the teacher with the way she started out really laying down the law.  (Which I guess is appropriate, given that's were laws are formed!  Ha ha!)

Following the tour, we walked across the street and the class was able to have lunch prior to departing.  As we drove ourselves, we were able to just take off even before eating - allowing us to get home by 1pm.  Yeah!!!  In the following pictures, you'll see Mikayla with many of her best girl friends in her class, Mikayla and I (huge praises for the lack of rain and sun breaks today, but the wind was not doing us any favors in posing!), Mikayla and her teacher, Mrs. Fitzgerald-whom we all love, and Kristen Natt and myself - our one-house-in-between-us-neighbor, friend, and field trip buddy (we often talk more than the kids do when we've all been told to be quiet!).

What a great way to spend the last day before a week long vacation!!

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