Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Shut-Out

Our poor little Duck mascot, he was featured on today's ESPN's Game Day for the crazy amount of push-ups he had to do at our last home football game. He does the total score of push ups after every score we make, so with a score of 72 points against New Mexico, he ended up doing 504 total push ups. Whew, that's a workout!

Today, was just a smidge easier on him, the score was only 69-0. Go ahead and say it, we're just a bunch of bullies..... For the record, though, we are ranked #5 in the nation, and Portland State isn't in our, we all saw it coming. The big tests will begin next week when we face off against our own Pac 10. Next week is away against Arizona State, who just barely lost this week, so they'll be seeking vengeance......

I remember commenting one time to Sara that rain + warm temperatures is a totally foreign concept to us Oregonians. Today was one of those very rare days. We were drenched, but the temps were in the high 60's, so it wasn't like we were freezing or anything. At any rate, we decided to leave in the 3rd quarter, because we were pretty secure with what the outcome was going to be. =) And, now that I'm sitting cozy on the couch, with the Schillings and Whites here....I gotta say it's much more preferable than the rowdier-than-usual crowd at Autzen.

Thanks to some of our buddies who sit near us, we were able to bring the kids and sit together today. (Due to the rain, there were a lot of empty seats). I think the kids actually had more fun jumping in the puddles on the way to and from the game.....

On a completely different topic, today, for the first time, I discovered Blogger now has at "Stats" category to review for your blog. It didn't give me a ton of specifics, but I found that one particular post had generated a huge amount of page views, and more comments than I ever remembered receiving. Well, it turns out that without my being aware, a certain post from over a year ago, was, more or less, hacked by a bunch of nasty people that put a bunch of links/comments that were not good on it. I went through and permanently deleted each of them, but my apologies to Linda and Julie who also added a comment on that day and may have ended up with my nasty traffic as a result. I think I'll start to to do that thing with my comments where you have to type in the letters. Please don't let that keep you from posting comments on my blog, though - it makes me so happy to see any number besides 0 below my posts!

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Jen and Bern said...

GO DUCKS! How I miss those games, but after seeing the rain and puddles, then again maybe not. But your little one is sure stylish in the yellow rain gear!