Friday, September 10, 2010

Things "I" Learned the First Week of School

We're to Friday already! YIPPEE! That's something the school year definitely does for us again, makes us appreciate the weekends......

OK, here were MY learning experiences this week:

1. Having kids leave and come home from school an hour apart from each other is actually a blessing. It eliminates the fighting which drives me INSANE, and gives me some one on one time with each kiddo. Yeah for that.

2. Buckle up before you leave your driveway. Yes, that was me, who, just after waving my son good-bye as he went one direction on his bike to school - and I went another direction to the gym (a half mile away) that got pulled over by a police officer for not having my seat belt on. Yes, I deserved the ticket - there have been plenty of times I have not been caught (I'm usually a "within a couple of blocks from my home" seat belter) - but I was hoping the officer would have shed this mom sending her firstborn off to big-bad middle school a little grace. No such luck.

3. Before returning to the gym to get back into the swing of things - make sure the ipod is charged. Enough said on that.

4. When departing the check-out line at Walmart - make sure ALL of your bags make it to your cart. Because, by the time driving distance was included, it took me about an hour the next day to drive, stand in line, re-walk the store to get those missing 7 items, stand in line again, and return home. GRRR.

5. My kids really are capable of adapting to change. I worry, and stress, and find myself frustrated that the teachers might not be a perfect fit, or there's not enough friends in their classes. But, they adjust, and deal - just as they are supposed to when life throws them a few curveballs. They are growing up - that's for sure. I really am so proud of both of them!

I think that'll do for this Friday's post. I hope all of you have had an outstanding, let's bring on the weekend!

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sara said...

so funny!

It is nice having that one on one time, isn't it?

I am a serious buckler, so I am shaking my finger at you right now!

I loathe...going to walmart! And having to do it again....ugh!!!

have a great weekend!