Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Game, First Win =)

Tonight was Brayden's first Pop Warner football game of the year. I want to remind you how low my expectations were going into this year. Let me just say that, as far as this game goes, my expectations were far exceeded.

The team we played were lacking some of their stronger players, so they were already short-changed. It ended up being pretty much a blow-out....and Brayden played a LOT. Much more than I was thinking would be the case. He did a lot of blocking, had a couple of good tackles, and made a significant run. He didn't play a perfect game, but it was by far the most exciting game he's ever had, and it sure was fun to watch.

A lot of parents felt that way - watching their kids get the opportunity to play positions they might not normally play - or get a touch on the ball that rarely ever happens. And, I found myself super impressed with the coaches, who kept kids in past the minimum play requirements and kept the team morale high by letting all the kids be stars. He made it clear that not every game would allow for everyone to play this much - in the future it will be much more competitive, but hey, way to start the season off.......

Way to go Sheldon Pop Warner Pee-Wee's - heckuva start!

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