Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stephie's Nieces

On Friday night, along with the company of Travis and Stephie came Miss Abby and Miss Hannah - Stephie's ADORABLE nieces.

Not only are these two girls so extraordinarily beautiful and sweet, but they absolutely brought out the best in our kids. Mikayla was a sure-bet.....she'd been asking for them to come over for a while. However, Mikayla wasn't home when these girls arrived (she was at a playdate), so Brayden took on the task of entertaining them (all on his own). It was so precious watching him in action with these two, we were so proud - and it gave us just a tiny glimpse of what the future might hold for him as perhaps a camp counselor - or even, as a father someday.

I think it should be an annual tradition that we get these little gals over, as it was such a delightful evening!


kleephotos said...

Oh my goodness those photos are precious! Especially of Mikayla holding the girl. SO cute!

stephietoo said...

I just love them oh so much! Mandy and Rick thank you for the photos; they just love them. Love and miss you guys! Stephie