Wednesday, September 22, 2010

God Is Good

I know y'all didn't need my post title to remind you of that, but that's just what came to mind when I think of the women that showed up at my house last night, meeting for our first Bible Study.

To back up a little bit, this year I knew I wanted to participate in a Women's Study. I figured I'd just choose one from the Womens' Ministry booklet, and show up once a week - holding myself accountable for really getting into and studying God's word.

However, just over a month ago, when Kaela was over - my thoughts on all of that began to change. Given the fact that Kaela works at the church, and is officially no longer a college student, I thought I'd see if I could rope her into joining one with me. Her first response was, "Will there be people my age - or even your age there?". Ummmmm, probably not. Our current Womens' Ministry is largely composed of women over the age of 50. While there's nothing wrong with that, we are finding it difficult to attract the "younger women" (hence the football clinic last year). Unfortunately, the Bible Studies, at least in years past, have definitely been evidence of that lack of younger women.

Two days later, the Womens' Ministry booklet became available, and after perusing it, I realized there was nothing drawing me. When Kaela had been over, I kind of hinted at maybe making something happen with a group of women more her (and my) age....and after looking at the booklet, it seemed that was just more confirmation.

Between Kaela and I, we began targeting women that are in the working world, or no longer in college - and kind of "lost" in between ministries. I recruited Stephie - and she said, "yes" (yeah!!!) - and that made for one more "30 Something" in the group along with me. Last night, there were a group of 8 of us - the perfect size - with each of these gals being so impressive and enjoyable that I found myself humbled that they would choose to spend an evening with me, much less impart their wisdom on God's Word - as well as pray - together.

I'll get a good picture next week......last night was pretty much introductions and the passing out of the books. As a little sidenote, we have "fellowship" following our study with a convenient Tuesday night showing of the new "Glee" episode each week. Yes, a little unconventional....but also bonding.....=) (No, we don't watch the show while we do our study - God definitely comes first!).

This is the first time I've agreed to sacrifice an evening for the sake of a Bible Study- but it was the only time these ladies could come together- and after just last night - the sacrifice is so worth it. I can honestly say, in this case, I have very high expectations - and am most excited.....I think God is going to do great things with these women, and how blessed am I to be a part of it all.

(This is a picture Kaela took of the goodies - and yes, it was a new batch of fruit salsa and chips, not leftovers..... Mikayla made tie-dye bookmarks for each of the gals, and this also gives you a look at the book we're starting out with....)


Mary said...

Oh how I wish I lived in Eugene again :)

sara said...

I am sitting here with a BIG grin on my face!!!

StephieAnne said...

Oh Mary, you would SO LOVE these would be a perfect fit in this group -
And Sara, thank you SO MUCH for your prayers - I was going to send you an individual recap, but basically covered it here on the blog. I mentioned to everyone about you praying for us.....

j.nelson said...

this makes me sad.. but oh so happy for this to be happening

Jen and Bern said...

I wish I could join your study too! Sounds like a wonderful ministry. It's great to connect with women at the same points in life. Enjoy the blessings!