Sunday, August 30, 2009

Those Crazy Boys

It started out as an innocent text. Something to the effect of: "Hey man, gonna be in town this weekend, you gonna be around? - Brose" This was soon followed up by, "Hey honey, do we have plans for Saturday, could I take some college guys out on the boat?" Knowing we'd originally planned an ambiguous "something" with the Whites, I said that as long as he cleared it with them, it was fine by me. Given Travis would be included in the boat trip - well then, it was fine by them.

As John sought to spread the word among the guys, there became a crazy proposal by some of the guys to camp in the Riley's backyard. While I love these college guys (they are a ton of fun), the idea of entertaining a troupe of them (when I'd rather be snuggly with a book in pj's) started weighing me down. But, hey, part of ministry, right?

Then, Michele called, and started whining about what she would do to entertain her girls on Friday night when Michael accompanied Traig on a middle school (agh, must I admit that's where my nephew is headed this year?!) church camp-out event. She said, "Hey, you should come up with Mikayla!" - And thus, an ideal arrangement was worked out that made everyone happy (and I even got to sleep in Michael and Michele's comfy bed....usually a mat on the floor is my option when sleeping over).

Before leaving on Friday, though - I did my best to do my wifely hospitality (and "den mother") duties. Two pans of brownies, two batches of Rice Krispie Treats, two bags of Tostitos, a giant container of salsa, a bag of licorice, 4 cans of cinnamon rolls to make in the morning - and cantaloupe and bread laid out for lunch on the boat. I guess it was all a hit, as, when I returned, only about half a pan of brownies and some Tostitos remained. (Including no mess - what a wonderful husband I have to do all the clean up for me).

Apparently the guys had fun playing on the Wii until about midnight, three of them sacked out on our couches and Mikayla's bed - and six of them joined John, Travis, and Brayden on the boat Saturday morning. While the morning was overcast, the lake temperature was 73 degrees. (Which is why we love Cottage Grove Lake).

What follows are some pictures taken of their morning - proving their craziness and why it was much more peaceful for Mikayla and I to retreat to Michele's - content with good books, a Disney movie premiere night, and plenty of Russian Tea.......


Growin' with it! said...

i love continuing to hear how God is blessing, expanding and affirming your simple obedience to say yes to this ministry...awesome possum! ☺

sara said...

wow..those are some awesome tricks!

I think I would have liked to be on the lake! :)

Ladybug grandma said...

Is that Travis doing the flip?

Stephietoo said...

Yes, mom, that is travis doing the flip. :o)