Thursday, August 06, 2009

Golfing: Round Two

Lisa can be very persuasive when she wants to be. She put these talents to use in convincing Michele and I that we had to be part of her foursome with Steph H. in their Bible Study's Ladies' Night at Oakway.

While I've already detailed my lack of experience in golfing, for Michele, it's been even longer. Perhaps one round when her and Michael were first married. So, while she enjoyed the experience and the company, she was ready to be done by the ninth hole. It was quite enjoyable for me watching her take her "homerun" softball swing and trying to translate it into hitting a 1 inch golf ball on the ground. It was especially fitting on the last hole such that when she made contact the ball sailed into a neighboring home's back patio-courtyard and ricocheted off the wall. =)

Steph H. was a fantastic player - as we played a scramble, it was especially helpful that she was with us.

Thanks for your persuasiveness, Lisa - so glad we came - and loved the timing of leaving the course right as the big raindrops started dropping.


julie fulton said...

Wow! I just finished Blogging our golfing outing last night too! We were at River Ridge. It looks like you girls were at Oakway. So fun! Too bad that we didn't run into eachother on the same course. It sounds like our golfing abilities are similar! I love golfing with Steph H. too, she is really good and usually pulls me through as well! ha ha It looks like you are having such a wonderful summer Stephanie, I love looking at your Blog and your adorable family!

Growin' with it! said...

and i thought the miniature golf we did the other day was hard! and what is this about raindrops? seriously?!! looks like you had a fabulous time.

sara said...

my husband always trys to get me to golf! I just don't really care if that ball goes in the hole or not....kinda important to the game!