Friday, August 07, 2009


Eerily, the weather for the past two days has been 40 degrees lower than this time last week! That's quite a drop. But, let me just say, it is very refreshing. No, I'm not ready to leave summer, or send the kids back [to school] tomorrow.....but, this helps me get a more healthy mindset that that time will be coming - even if it is still a month away.

It has been a FABULOUS summer, but, as always, with routine and personal disciplines lacking, there is a part of me craving consistency. And cozy sweatshirts (which I currently have on. =) ) And, maybe just a little more "me" time. Not too much, but enough to get the house clean and watch my own favorite shows while folding laundry.

What I will miss - Michele and the kids. Of course, my relationship with Michele is such that life is just better when she is around. We really enjoy each other's company (except when I'm being too critical of her driving skills) and think a lot a like. But, in addition - when she is around, the kids are around- and that keeps my kids very happy. They pretend, they trampoline together, (they make big messes together), they make each other laugh. It makes me feel like a good mom because normally (gasp!) I don't give my kids as much attention during the day as I know they crave. Particularly on the in between days of all these blogged-about festivites - they get a bit ignored while Disney Channel I try desperately to catch up and prepare for the next activity.

So, I'm relishing in these days of mid-60's weather - happy for the change of pace.

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