Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beverly Beach

After much, "Do we or don't we?" deliberation, Amy, Andrew, Brayden and I decided to drive NORTH of Newport (emphasis added as there was a little mix-up with the directions) - to visit the Schillings at Beverly Beach State Park. Her family is doing their annual camping trip there for a few days. As our boys are taking off today for an overnight camp at Tadmor - and the younger siblings are back at Harlow, we eventually decided to go ahead as it gave us a good bonding time with our boys.

I wish I had taken some pictures of their campsite. If you are in to being in nature but not roughing it too much or being too isolated in the boondocks - I can see how this is the way to go. Their site was woodsy, with plenty of trees and a firepit. The beach was about a two-block walk away. And, finally, they had their travel trailer to use which allowed them to kind of "shut the door on the rest of the world" and have their own family time within. Very cool - I can see why Michele makes it a priority to reserve this place nine months in advance.

Here's a few shots Amy took while we were on the beach. Yes, we brought Sydney - and at one point she got loose and joined the kiddos in the waves. It was actually a little scary as you would kind of lose sight of her little head bobbing out there. She's just too much of a spaz being too friendly with everyone to be left off-leash for very long in that kind of environment.

Even though the visit was short - I know we were all glad we made the trip.

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