Wednesday, August 05, 2009

One Glorious Night

This picture doesn't even do it justice...(nice shot, though, Honey!). The moon rose yellow over the lake which really capped off my favorite night so far on the boat.

Last night was a family run. Michele brought me home from her house in exchange for a boat night. An excellent idea. And since Stephie wasn't able to come last night (we missed you!), we asked Mom to join us. Because Mom and Dad have their own boat, it is rare that they are ever on board ours. Since Dad is out of town, we thought Mom might enjoy a diversion - and I gotta tell you, perhaps because she was on board, EVERYONE stepped up their game. Here's a fun shot of her and Mikayla cheering Nati on:
The rest of the pictures show the order of "performers". Highlights were not limited to, but included:
- Watching Nati get up and go on her first attempt
- Brayden catching a little air on his attempt to jump the wake
- Traig - doing a 180 (flipping which foot was in the front of the wakeboard) - and staying up
- Mikayla - getting up on her first attempt - and staying crouched for quite a while until she stood up with a smile after hearing all of us yell "stand up"
- and.....drumroll....Getting Ellie up! Yes, all 6 years and 40 pounds of her! She is now quite addicted to the sport and "can't waittttttttt...." to try again.
- Travis and Michele also strutted their stuff at the end, it was fun playing photographer on this trip and capturing some of the magic.

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