Monday, August 10, 2009

Extreme Room Makeover

Poor Mikayla - up until now, she's never had a say in what her room looks like. When she was born, she got Brayden's leftover Noah's Ark decor in the nursery. When we moved here, I wanted a gingham red/white look - and then when Brayden's room was redone - I pointed out items in a catalog that I liked and coerced her into agreeing with me that that would "look nice".

However, her room did nothing to "capture her" - and as Brayden's room is "super-cool" we felt like it might be time to update. The major determining issue, however, was her carpet. When we moved in, five years ago - to our dismay - the bedroom carpets were off-white. At that point, Mikayla was 2. Mixing a toddler with white carpet.....not so pretty. Very soon, the carpet color was "very-off" white - and no magic Rug Doctor could make it clean again.

So, after finding a bedding MIKAYLA really liked (and being given a LOT of options), at 2pm on Saturday afternoon, we decided to completely rehaul Mikayla's room. New bedding, new paint (on everything except the ceiling), and most significantly, new flooring - this time, not carpet!

This is a picture of Mikayla's room "BEFORE" (showing some of the better qualities of it, actually):


(Move that bus!) Ta-da........... This is the AFTER picture: (with a wide angle lens, so it captured more)

Pretty cool, huh? Eventually, she'll have pictures on the wall of her doing her favorite things, but I think we already bit off more than we could chew this weekend, so that will just have to wait. =)

Here's a few shots of the kids contributing their labor - and a special thanks to Travis and Steph who helped out too.

So, there you go, Mikayla. Just like your bike - if you want a new one before you move pay for it! Cuz, the hope is, this one will last a long, long time.


Anonymous said...

what a great accomplishment in once weekend! i love the wall color...i'm really into brown with blues lately! right up my alley!

i hope she sleeps well in her new room!

Lois Lane II said...

Ooooh -- LOVE that!! I want her room, haha! said...

nice and a wonderful expression of her and SOOOOOOO very far from what her Uncle and I picked out for her last birthday....she is definately a gift card child as she knows what she wants. (and what you'd picked for her before, was so charming)

j.nelson said...

i'm a fan of the two toned walls. good choice... pretty much all around legit (especially the CB sign!) love it.