Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Future MVP's

If you are going to comment, PLEASE do not tell me how big/old my kids look in this picture. I see it, I know it - it's a slow ache inside of me (but also, a great source of pride - but this is stuff of another blog post).

So, yeah, I think we are a little off with the title - but who knows? This year, the opportunities have been thrown open wide for these two. Brayden will be a year older within the same football league (thus size won't be as hard of an issue, and he'll have more experience). Much more significant, however, is that he has a new coach. We didn't exactly see eye to eye with the situation last year, but based on the parent letter and first impressions, we are much more hopeful with the leadership this year. Brayden LOVES football, I just want him to have a positive enough experience that his desire stays intact and hopefully increases (as well as his skills). This morning, he was headed to a morning football camp hosted by the local high school, next week practices officially begin.

Mikayla is not opting to sit on the sidelines this year either. For whatever reason, she showed no interest in group sports last year. That fit our schedule just fine, but by spring soccer with all of her classmates on the same team, she decided she'd change her tune by the time fall soccer came around. At this point, she's very excited to take part, especially with the addition of a fun practice outfit to her wardrobe which she posed for in the picture. The plan today was to drop off Brayden at his camp and take her to the elementary school and work with her on a little soccer skills.

The truth is, though, she schooled me! That girl really does have more skill than me. I worked with her on passing drills, reinforced a few tips from the little I know, and then we marked out some goals to try a one-on-one game. The first run of it, I decided to go a little easy to not have her be so discouraged. After she scored her first goal, I started really trying - and she scored again - and again! She beat me 5-2. Yes, this points out that I'm really bad, but I think it also says something for some potential natural talent. I was really impressed with her ball control and speed. Hmmmm, we'll just have to see. At any rate, I don't think she'll join her team feeling too behind from having lost a year - it ought to be fun to see how it all unfolds. (Mikayla played indoor soccer a couple years ago - apparently the skills she was taught there stuck!)

So, here we go- it is such a hard struggle within this school community to not actively participate in every extra curricular activity out there. Mikayla started piano lessons this summer and seems eager to learn. Well, in that case, we ought to continue that. She wants to be on Sheldon's dance/drill team someday, so learning the beat and grace in dancing would be good to do - not to mention how much I love the Hosanna Dance program itself. So, that's good to keep doing once a week once school begins. And - now soccer. For Brayden, it's pretty much just football, but he really wants to learn guitar with his Dad. Let's not forget our collegiate ministry once a week events....and now look at us - we are becoming THAT family! The idea makes me anxious and yet, if the kids are both happy, then we can deal with it. I'm hopeful this upcoming school year will be a big victory for both of the kids. But, we've made it through adversity before and it taught us all some very good lessons. One way or another, the roller coaster is starting in motion.....hang on tight!


sara said...

it is always tough to find that balance! My 3 kids were all in sports and I can remember many an evening we ate dinner together at the ball park, but the key was we did it together and we all loved it. Those memories in the stands are some of my fondest!!!!

StephieAnne said...

Well said, Sara - I agree 100%! When they start resenting it, we call it quits....but, until then, adventure on!

Lois Lane II said...

Wow!! That's awesome. I never did have much athletic talent (and neither did my husband...but somehow he thinks we're going to give birth to the most awesome quarterback in the world...hmm...)

Anonymous said...

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