Thursday, August 27, 2009

Special Treatment for Friends

These are garage doors on the house my dad has been working on down in Coronado (San Diego). He completely remodeled the house a couple of years ago, but when the owners caught sight of some similar garage doors he recently completed here in Eugene area, they asked if he would "do his magic" on doors for them.

The garage doors have really been an eye catcher, apparently. Several people driving through the neighborhood have stopped, admired, and asked if he would consider doing custom doors for them. And, when I say "custom", I mean it. Each board on those doors have been cut and crafted to all fit together - the beveling, tongue & groove, etc. Not just something you order from Home Depot.

To each person who's stopped by to inquire about the doors, he's given the same response. "No, I can't do this for you, I actually live in Eugene and am only doing this down here because these folks are very good friends of mine."

One day, however, a couple of weeks ago, a black Mercedes with tinted windows cruised up - looking as though it had a superstar inside. Sure enough, the car slowed and stopped to approach Dad, and wouldn't you know, but the window rolls down and it is a thirty-something "bombshell". She proceeded to ask if he could build some custom garage doors for her and he gave her the same spiel about being "close friends with the owners". But, this time, instead of acknowledging that information and moving on, the lady pulled her sunglasses down and said, "Well, I can be your friend......." I still haven't gotten the full story as to what his response was..... =)


sara said...

oh my word, those are amazing!!! Amazingly gorgeous!!!

How long does it take him to do that?

Family O'Foxes said...

Those are gorgeous!
Absolutely amazing. :)