Friday, August 17, 2007

The Wait Is Over!!!!!

Finally, the day arrived. August 17th - the most anticipated Disney Channel Premiere ever!!!!!!! As even Brayden could tell you, at "8pm, 7 Central" High School Musical 2 aired. Because of our handy-dandy east coast broadcasting, we were able to record at 5pm and being watching when we were able to, roughly around 7pm. Due to all the stops and starts, we just now finished. Just a little bit distracting, I must say, but much better than missing all of the segments that we would have because of potty breaks, clean up breaks, and children issues. (I'll appreciate it when or if they decide to do the #3 - as it will be a theatrical stops or starts there......)

Gotta say, I loved it. I think it's beyond me to ever criticize it, though. I loved that their weren't any bikinis worn, that there was finally a kiss (and a tasteful one at that), and that there was so much chemistry between Zach and Gabriella that it took me back to my own "first dating" days when all you wanted to do was just be together. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

Hope the rest of you had a fantastic Friday night----and enjoyed the movie as much as we did.

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HollieHobbie said...

So fun! We were not going to be able to see the premiere because of tenting, but then the Whittys asked us to stay with them, but we were still worried that they just aren't into it. SOOOO glad that we were wrong!
We were able to watch it 8p/7central right along with all of you! yay!