Friday, August 17, 2007

Family Health Update

Friday, 8:42 am:

All kids, except Nati off to camp-
- Nati will be heading to camp late afternoon after further assessing her energy and fever levels - had fever most of last night
- Brayden now wearing glasses (usually wears contact) as one eye is becoming goopy and red
- Both of Mikayla's eyes are having issues
- Traig appears to be doing fine
- Michele is having sinus issues and a pretty good sore throat - also, she is very tired because-
- Ellie began having a fever at midnight and then starting throwing up every 20 minutes beginning at 4am, she seems to be doing much better now

Yee hah! I am not sure how this is going to influence the celebration aspect of our HSM2 Party tonite - (amazing how many people I know will be tuning in, if not having their own parties - what a testimony to the need and appreciation for great, quality family programming). But, that's the thing about tv, one is able to watch it whether you are sick without energy or bouncing off the walls. We'll make it happen..... just not sure how many "foreigners" are going to want to walk into this house of germs though!


Colie said...

Oh my - your poor sick household. Caleb also has a fever this week. Luckily Tana is still healthy and squacking. I will be praying for your household. What a mess!

StephieAnne said...

I read your blog about Caleb, does that mean the zoo is out? Michele and I were hoping you could make it!