Monday, August 27, 2007

Two Things That Have Made Me Smile Today

John and I have been on a roll this weekend, and man, oh man, it has felt good. Getting things cleaned up and organized can be a bit contagious and pretty soon the energy is spreading over to areas you wouldnt (dont forget about my keyboard issues folks....) expect yourself to be cleaning up. I love the feeling of waking up to an area in the house recently redecorated or rearranged and smiling at what you see. Thats always a huge thing for me the day after putting up our Christmas decor.

This is the picture of our new and improved office area in the bonus room-kitchen in our house. The cost wasnt pretty, but the end result makes me very happy, and the little convenience of being able to easily slide out the calendars so I can write on them horizontally (vs. the last one we had that was stuck to the wall for good) is huge for me.

This other little item - I sucked into purchasing at Fred Meyer. I couldnt help myself - I just think these two are so CUTE!!!! I applaud the role models theyve been and hope they dont end up like Justin Timberlake and Brittany Spears as the years go by. Im rooting for them....

A couple of other things - watching Joey Harrington play right now on Monday Night Football. Michael Vicks IDIOT choices have turned into a blessing for Joey - hes another one Im big-time rooting for. Go FALCONS - Go Joey - I hope this time youve found a team that loves you as much as the Ducks did.

Finally, I just finished one of the best corn on the cobs Ive had in - well, thats not far, because Ive just had some GREAT corn lately, but this one was particularly delicious. Savoring it while it lasts.

Anyone planning on waking up at 2am to check out the red moon were supposedly going to see because of the eclipse...... I dont think I will do it intentionally, but if I do wake up, I will have to remember to check it out.

What are some things that have made you smile today..... (those periods are in place of the missing question mark key right now)

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LiteraryGirl said...

I'll be buying that People tomorrow...