Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Couple of Questions 79

You know, it was supposed to be an easy week with all of the kids off to camp and a few four year olds running around - instead here's a listing of what the four of our families have dealt with this last week:

-Husband to Amy, "Dr. Mark" had to skip two days of work this week with severe chills and fever and major muscle aches. I think he's feeling a bit better now
-Amy's son, Andrew had fever and chills to the extent that he drenched his t-shirt and had hallucinations in the middle of the night
-I'm now taking eye drops for conjuctivitis (to both eyes) as well as antibiotics for a sinus infection
-Mikayla had a fever Sunday night, and a mysterious pink tint to one of her eyes this morning
-Brayden woke up sneezing and coughing with a sore throat this morning
-Traig had a major night terror Sunday night
-and, finally, most dramatically, little Adam (Lisa's son) was rushed to the ER last night with febrile seizures, a result of a high fever because of the ear infection and minor pnuemonia he had developed.

GOOD GRIEF! This was supposed to be a "kick back" week, and heck, it's August, not January! But, everyone is making it through, still attending camp (does that make us bad moms or what?)..... and outside of the sniffles and such, the kids are truly having the time of their lives at Harlow. And, for that matter, us moms are having a major kick too. Just, lots of obstacles along the way.

Enough about that, on to some questions.

1. From Jodi- what is something that a friend (or multiple friends) have suggested you change, but you refuse to adjust, because you just don't want to (this could be a deep answer or something as trivial as trying a different brand of toilet paper)....?

2. What is something that you will NOT miss once summer is over?


StephieAnne said...

1. All I can think of right now is that it took me a long time to go digital with my camera despite many friends telling me I should. I bet I'll come up with something more later.

2. Shaving my bikini area!!!! Despite using "Bikini Zone" gel and after shaving anti-bump cream, I am still getting the bumps that itch - every time.

LiteraryGirl said...

1. My underwear, I've had many friends tell me I should change to skimpier, prettier stuff. Wearing a bra. I know it bugs people I don't very often but I don't care. I don't think I should have to. I was recently told how awful it was I let my kids continue to say words wrong, but I don't correct them very much, if anything I repeat it like they say it out of habit. (Example, we are all excited for High School Municals tomorrow night.) I could go on. Frankly, I tend to take seriously more thought through, prayed over suggestions but not too seriously the trivial, personal opinion issues.
2. Coming up with activities. Missing yoga. SUNSCREEN APPLICATION! Not wanting to turn on the oven because its too hot to bake. Feeling like we need to be outside enjoying the sun and not kicking back with a movie. (Although we still do..) Not being able to enjoy my coffee in the morning because it is too hot. Same for tea at night. I am really, really, ready for Fall. Can you tell??

BTW, I have had a kid with a fever this week too. Off and on, not constant, and seems to have some cold symptoms (congestion and a cough) but not very evident. I hear that a LOT of this is going around. Hopefully Adam will outgrow those seizures soon. Jen and I were just talking about them because her daughter had 3 and finally outgrew them around age 4. So scary.

StephieAnne said...

I echo the underwear thing - I know I should go with the "disguise the underwear line" thong, but it just aint worth it for me! Also, add to the list, Nati - who threw up on the way home and has a fever. Poor thing-

Anonymous said...

Chele Responding:
1. Coloring my hair - I have yet to do this (mostly because my husband pleads that I not in that he LOVES the natural color and doesn't want me messing with it...) - however, with each strand of gray that takes over, I am realizing that it is just a matter of time -
2. Mosquitoes - due to our current living space being near a beautiful pond, we get more mosquito bites at home than when we are camping...
In regards to the week - I must echo Steph that despite the sickness (Nati is currently peacefully sleeping I am happy to report) - it has been an incredibly fun week for all of us - so many precious fun-in-the-sun memories with incredible friends ---- we are so blessed!

Anonymous said...

1. DVR, baby.

2. I hate to admit this, but I will not miss the lack of tv selection. i am ready for some good tv!!!

Lisa Q.