Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Catching Up

First of all, if you didnt catch the 2nd comment in the previous post, were asking for prayer regarding Leonas (Johns mom) John. (That gets confusing in a hurry with two Johns and no apostrophes). Yesterday night we came home to a message from Leona saying that they had had to amputate his right arm at the elbow. I think so much of his condition right now is a mystery to everyone, so were asking for healing, answers, and of course, a peace for both of them in this very, very difficult time.

I just got the pictures from Johns phone so I can share a few glimpses of our evening, Sunday, with Mom and Dad in Portland. These are taken at the Marina Restaurant, downtown, on the waterfront (go figure....). I have to admit, this is the first time I have ever walked anywhere near the waterfront in Portland. It has always looked like a neat thing to do - a cool place to stroll with folks that you love, but I have never made it happen. I guess I can kind of cross that off my list now. Dinner was DELICIOUS, but the company was even better.....

I will also now admit that I had a bit of reservation regarding going to see a Monty Python Musical. Spam-a-Lot is the Broadway Musical version of Monty Pythons Holy Grail movie-show. I barely remember watching bits of that in our AP History class as a treat after a whole lot of very hard work. It seemed like the guys in class loved it a lot more than the gals, but there were parts that made us all laugh. The musical, however, entertained everyone - immensely. I did a lot of laughing and absolutely no when-will-this-be-over feelings.

I think my favorite memory of the evening, however, would be cruising the aisles of the Chevron Mini Mart- all four of us. All looking for some form of junk food, and struggling to come up with the perfect item for the car-trip home. It was a crack-up, all of us wandering with the munchies.


Finally, here is proof that I am now an official wakeboarder. We went out with the Colemans last night and had a blast with them. I selfishly took a very quick turn and Liz snapped this picture of me out there with Mikayla looking on. Thanks Liz!

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