Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I've Waited Three Years for These!

I love lilac trees. I love the smell, but I especially love the big bouquet they make when you bring them inside. At our old house the neighbors on both sides had lilac trees and this time of year I would carefully inspect the fenceline to see if any branches were fair ground on our side of the property - I decided then that when we had a house of our own, a lilac tree would definitely be on the docket for being planted.

So, that's what I did - but the darn thing didn't produce any flowers (I guess it was still a baby....) - but, this year, ah, this year, it produced. And, probably saved it's life. Because, if we ever get around to doing a remodel on this home (which we have plans to do someday) - that tree will have to go - with no pretty blossoms it would have gone in the rubbish truck, but now, I think it will find a safe place someplace else on our property.......And, in the meantime, I'm getting bouquets from my own special tree.....


Anonymous said...


I love them too and I'm lucky that the previous owner of my house had about 8 of the evenings and mornings when the air is still, the smell totally permeates my yard. You reminded me I need to get out and cut some bouquets!

HollieHobbie said...

Very nice, Steph! You just inspired me to add that to my landscaping desires.