Saturday, April 21, 2007

33 Miles

Every now and then I do a little music or product plug - this post is another one of those.

I was getting bored with the music I was using to work-out so I did a little research on the KLOV website to try and find some catchy songs I've heard lately on the radio. I love their search tool so that for people like me who forget the words or can't even firgure them out, you can still usually find the song title and artist. So was the case with the song, "What Could Be Better" by a group I've never even heard of, "33 Miles". I really liked the song and headed to i-tunes, and lo and behold, there it was with their entire album. I love i-tunes so that you no longer have to buy an entire album, but can pick and choose which songs you really like and are actually worth a dollar to repeatedly listen to. However, I found myself saying, "I like that one too, and that one as well" and ended up buying 4 of their songs to put in my 30 minute mix of music. Songs such as "Thank You" - encouraging you to start your day just like that, thanking God for whatever comes your way, and "Hold On", or "Come to Me" -
One of the websites selling their music describes them as a mix between Rascal Flats, Keith Urban and MercyMe - I don't know about all that, I just love the sound, lyrics, and smile on my face when I listen.

Interestingly, as John will be in charge of Mens' Round-Up in 2008, he's responsible for finding the guest musicians. He would love to have Chris Tomlin there, but as he is considered Christian Music's most popular artist right now, a weekend with a bunch of older men might not fit in his schedule. So, I IM'd John last Monday about this group and he loved them, so much so that I think he's going to ask them to be the musicians. Considering they released their first album 5 days ago, they might just not be big enough yet to say no.

So, my advice for the day, check their music out and be ready for a smile......

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