Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Couple of Questions LXVI

Thanks for the kind words regarding my last post. The sunshine and schedule that came on Monday definitely helped.....

1. What is something that you swore you'd never do as a parent before having kids, but find yourself now doing (or have done at one point)?

2. Any intriguing stories that come with physical scars you now have? (This is a for-fun question, so please pass if it brings up emotional scars as well......)


StephieAnne said...

1. I thought of this question as I drove by a mom who had two little boys on a walk on "leashes". Yes, there's something I did not approve of prior to parenting. However, after having to call security at JC Penney because my son disappeared (he wanted to check out the escalators....."Curious George"), we considered the leash idea for our trip to Disneyland when he was 2 and a half. He wanted nothing to do with it, threw a tantrum, so we duct taped him to the stroller instead (just kidding on that last part.....!) We never tried it again.

2. Scars:
On my neck - right in the center, a nice straight line from a tracheotomy when I was 18 months old. Talk about terrifying for my parents -

On my neck, just to the side of that previous scar, another one from a horse that bit me while I was trying to brush her when she was eating. Although it sounds nasty, had she wanted, she could have easily killed me, clearly, it was just a nip, not requiring stitches or anything. I guess that teaches me to mess with someone while they are eating.

On my knee, a nice bumpy scar from trying to roller skate on rocks. Yeah, I was a smart one back then.......

Jodi said...

1. I think there are quite a few, actually. I thought I would always follow through with what I said but I have found a lot of times that I don't. I remember a mom one time acting totally frustrated with her kids and this was when we were having trouble having children and I remember thinking "I will never act frustrated with my children!" HA!
2. Gosh, I don't really have scars from anything. I have one on my lip from when my neighbor turned and rammed into my mouth with his head and my tooth went through my lip and I had to get stitches. I think that is it.
OH, and I want to add another item to last weeks question since my answer was so lame. A product I would endorse that I recently started using (again) is the Clinique All About Lips. I have had a horrible time with the dry weather and my lips chapping and peeling. When I put chapstick or lipstick on they just get worse. I started using All About Lips again and they are sooo much better, and it doesn't dry them out even more like the other products were doing. I highly recommend.

Anonymous said...

1. Yelling. Especially that big, evil yell I do when I've reached my limit.

2. I have a scar on my eyebrow from playing open gym volleyball...Coach Wyseth put a bandaid on it and said it was fine and had me keep playing - ended up needing stitches after Mom and Dad looked at it. I still need a lot of extra brow pencil in that spot. I also have a scar in the center of the back of my hand that makes me laugh, because in elem. school some friends and I decided it was cool to use pencil erasers to scrape off our skin and create a scar so we could be in some kind of club or something.

More Products (thanks to Jodi's lead):
Quench lotion. Finally tried it and I'm amazed at how soft my skin is even the next day.

Great Clips detangler for kids. Smells great and works well. Also Great Clips tea tree shampoo for my scalp which tends to break out when I have too much dairy/stress. Smells heavenly and seems to help.

Prayer Request: Our 10y.o. choc. lab McKenzie ran off last Thu. and hasn't come home yet...got a call Sunday from a few blocks away that someone saw her, so I have hopes she's alive and well but off on a lark. We'd really like her to come home or let us find her!

HollieHobbie said...

1. I never thought about parenting much before I suddenly became one. But I probably thought that those who yelled, got frustrated and didn't have nice, compliant children probably shouldn't have had kids.
2. Besides c-section scars and stretch marks....hmmm Maybe where I got my tattoo burned off...just kidding!
I was/am a pretty cautious soul. Oh hey, I found one on my knee where I fell on rocks as a kid, needing a tetnus shot. Here is another on my middle finger, limiting my dreams of becoming a hand model.
Fun questions, Steph!

Colie said...

1. taking naked pictures. they are oh so cute:-). Caleb has the cutest bottom ever!

2. I have so many scars its scary! Both knees - big huge scars down them - surgery / Right arm compound fracture - metal plates in both sides - and scars from alergic reaction to the sutchers / left hand - bone spur removed / right calf - got cut installing a door frame (this is my favorite because I was working hard).

Talk about giving my mother gray hairs!

StephieAnne said...

I love all of your answers - thanks for sharing......
Heather - I will be keeping McKenzie in my prayers..... I hope you find her soon!!!!