Saturday, April 07, 2007

364 Days Until We Need to Do This Again.....

One birthday party down, now on to hosting Easter..... how thankful am I that our Easter is not going to be a formal occassion, just the Schillings and Mom (Dad's finishing the big project down in San Diego)- and perhaps the Whites. They have all seen my house in it's not-so-best shape, so I'm choosing not to stress one little bit about it, but rather, rejoice that the big birthday party is over.

But, before the party came the family presents time, I wanted to post this picture of the card we found for Brayden. It's the first year I've ever gotten Brayden a card, but I couldn't resist when I saw it, way too perfect. Brayden's response was, "this is cool, (amidst laughter), I'm totally going to keep this..... The inside says, "HAVE YOU BEEN FUN TO LOVE OR WHAT?"

Here's a pic of Brayden with his Joey memorabilia, giving a fake, "I'm so shocked" look.....

So, on to the party - we held it at an indoor soccer facility that Brayden and Mikayla both have played at. They have a party program where they run the show on the field for 45 minutes with their coaches, I figured, by the time all the kids show up, run the 45 minutes, feed them, have Brayden open presents, it'd be a perfect hour and a half. Never underestimate how fast kids eat - I still had to play "p.e. teacher" and run them back on the field for some "Red-light Green-light" and Tag for 10 minutes. I was TIRED!!!!

In all the years I've done a party, we've never had so many people able to come, nor have we invited so many. Lucky us. I'm happy for Brayden though, I think the huge turn-out made him feel very loved. Brayden seemed to have a blast as did his buddies, so there you go, mission accomplished.
Here's a pic of the kids eating their "make your own sundaes" (Brayden's not a big fan of cake)

The hot and sweaty kids at the drinking fountain

Some of the kids out on the field

This is a picture of Allie - Brayden's "special friend" - isn't she adorable? She was the only non-relative girl there, but seemed to have a great time, her and Brayden have quite a bond, that's for sure.

Finally, a special bond has also begun between Mikayla and Brayden's good friend, Jack. We ADORE Jack, so we think their frequent flirting is just fine, it's a very mutual thing between them, I think they've both admitted to having "little crushes" on each other. No, I'm not trying to encourage this dating thing WAY before it's time, but for the sweet thing that it is right now, it just makes me smile........


twinsmom said...

Looks like fun - sure enjoying my Easter day with you!

HollieHobbie said...

How fun does that look!