Monday, April 16, 2007

A Couple of Questions LXV

First of all, a little over 24 hours before the tax burdened folks will be free! Lisa, congratulations for getting through this season, I'm glad it's been one of your easiest. Feel free to come hang with me while your hubby sleeps 18 hours straight! (He doesn't plan on coming home tonight, will be working through the night and coming home in the morning for just a quick shower before working again....)

So, on to some questions - domestically related....

1. Any new ideas that you've stumbled upon that have helped you in organization, housecleaning, cooking, or anything else that has to do with being a home-manager?

2. Any products that have sprung up that you especially like?


StephieAnne said...

1. After ruining one too many articles of clothing because I have forgotten to keep them from the shrinking effects of the dryer (Susan, I think I have a really cute Duck t-shirt probably coming your direction....), I came up with an idea. Now, anytime I have a load that has an item that prevents the whole load from being thrown in the dryer, I stick a red magnet on the washing machine which catches my attention and keeps me from ruining anything else. (Michele, heads up, if you ever see the magnet while you're doing laundry, ask me-)

2. Jergens Firming Tanning lotion - can't say the cellulite has disappeared, but I'm encouraged using it, I love double duty products. Also, I love the new "Silver Clean" version of Degree deodorant. It smells a lot like my Island Spa candle, so that's a good thing. Also, I gotta thank Jodi for the heads up on Method products, I am liking them a lot too.

Jodi said...

1. I really like the magnet idea, that's a good one. I need some sort of note on the hamper to remind my husband to take his chapstick out of his pocket as it has now ruined two loads of clothes...nice oily stains. Anyway, I'm not certain I have anything new to share. I have been listening to organizational podcasts though, like tips to organize your home, and I think I'm going to do the "purge 50 things" a few more times.
2. Not that I can think of. Gosh, why did I even bother answering this week??
Oh I did learn last week that microwaving your dish sponge (when it is wet) for 2 minutes is better than running it through the dishwasher to disinfect it, so I did that. And I also decided to pre-mix a thing of cinnamon and sugar to top my lattes with as a treat. Does any of that count???

HollieHobbie said...

1. Hang out with friends and drink coffee by day, wine by night. But when the housekeeping becomes so overwhelming after those indulgences make a plan. I am dreaming here because I don't get off the computer or phone long enough to make a plan, but I think that would really work for me.
I like the magnet thing too as I have turned one of Emma's size 10 sweatshirt into a size 6 for Molly!

2. Oh those Shout Color Catchers. My sister introduced them to me and it has saved lots of underwear from turning pink!

Anonymous said...

1. I am too lazy...I don't buy ANYTHING 100% cotton; it has to have at least some amount of polyester or stretch. Makes it hard to shop for tshirts. My big laundry breakthrough was to not allow myself to take a new load out of the dryer, until the previous load is folded and put away. Laundry goes slower but I don't have that mountain on my bedroom floor. I find myself doing a better job of just folding and putting a few things away every time I walk by my room, and before I know it I'm done.

2. (1) A laundry hamper in the kitchen is not pretty, but my kids are actually picking up dirty clothes and depositing them there, so it works. (2) At the beginning of the school year I went to Fred Meyer and bought those little clipboards that have storage for Tyler and Rachel to do homework - each night they grab the clipboard and inside they have scissors, glue, calculator, pencils, crayons, etc. (or should have them anyway) so they can do their stuff without searching for tools. It's worked out really well so far. (3) For Rachel's curls and tangles, the best product I've found is Pantene Pro-V leave in conditioner. Smells good and does the best job on tangles.