Thursday, September 01, 2005

September 1st Review

September has begun - and with it, my unofficial end to summer. I'm not sad - I love fall, but I think I can safely say this has been my favorite summer in a long time, if not ever. Here are my top 10 experiences, in random order.

1. Dancing with our kids at the Dallas Drive In movie theater. We were waiting the hour or so for "Madagascar" to show, and killed time dancing to Garth Brooks favorites. The sun was setting, I was with my best friends and it was early in the summer with so much promise ahead.

2. 3 Generations of men going fishing together - and actually finding success! My dad told my mom, "It was the kind of day I could only dream of". Of course, the little boys had a blast too.

3. Playing backyard tennis with my sister, her hubby and my hubby - followed up by children literally bouncing off the walls in excitement over fireworks being set off. As the sun finally set, the dads helped light the pyromaniac's arsenal as we sat in lawn chairs with blankies on the sidewalk with our waterfall behind us.

4. Jet skiing at Cultus Lake with my son in front of me and my nephew squeezing my waist - thinking I was the greatest person in the world as we raced across the water.

5. Preparing blueberry buttermilk pancakes in Hot Springs campground at East Lake. I wait all year for those - they come out only when camping and are always prepared for at least ten people. As John manned the Starbucks coffee machine for all of our tentsight guests - life couldn't get much better.

6. Our 33rd birthday - shared with my twin sis - a great movie with lots of buttered popcorn and candy, a brand new haircut, color and style, a 55 minute pedicure and Red Robin - a woman wouldn't mind aging if she could score that every year.

7. An overniter at Buckhorn Mountain Lodge with just my hubby. That's enough details for this rated G blog.

8. Watching my son swim the length of the pool - without help and by himself - after two weeks of swim lessons - YEAH!

9. 5 women atop my bed - praying, crying, and laughing for 2 hours - and within weeks seeing God's miraculous answers unfold.

10. Ducks 38, Houston 24 - one of the reasons I don't mind saying good-bye to summer.......

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stephietoo said...

Your #9 made me cry! That has to be one of my summer highlights too! I love you!