Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Things are getting a little weird around here....

Well, its no secret that the two people that know me best in the world are my husband and twin sister. But, lately, I've been a little concerned. Michele (twin) has been hanging out with us while her hubby is hunting and as a result her and John (my hubby) have been spending a lot of evenings together. This is no new news either - except, now they are sharing a new joint passion - every night. John will come home - and wink at Michele - and ever so discreetly say, "Shelly, are we on for tonite?" Now before you begin to think the worst of this normally very kid-friendly home - their joint passion has become SCRABBLE. Whether it is just the two of them, or, (oh joy!) I choose to be a part - or generally any other of the male counterparts of our frequent couples visiting - they are at it every night they are together. Little things are getting weird - here's a few examples:

1. The other day John sported an outfit to see if I liked it - I told him it looked a little "beatnik" for him - he hadn't heard that word before and wanted to know what it meant - I offered my feeble explanation to which he replied - how do you spell it?
BEATNIK - he then says "Good word, 13 points...."
2. Michele and Mark - just for fun, arranging the tiles on the ground of our living room (not while engaged in a game) to see if all of them are there
3. "Kids, tell daddy where we went today" - "to the zoo, Daddy" - "Yeah, I heard - 12 points."

This fad too shall pass - we lived through Phase 10, and Tiger Woods PS2. I haven't lost heart yet.

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