Friday, November 08, 2013

Social Hour

As mentioned, we had a crew of folks over to watch the UO vs. Stanford highly touted game.  As it was Thursday night, the majority of those that came over were from our life group - along with their spouses (in Christi and Suzie's case - Tyler and Lance).  

I have to admit that once things started to turn sour with the Ducks, I was absolutely agitated to the hilt, and a little uncomfortable having a houseful of people to contend with on top of my own feelings.  Occasionally Heather and I would exchange glances that made it clear that we WERE NOT HAPPY.  Questions like, "Now if the Ducks lose this game, will their chances of competing in the Nati be gone?" - at the beginning of the second quarter were about to make her and I lose it.  (Though it was a very valid question - and certainly not inappropriate to ask...just a reality check in an already stressful time).

Eventually, I reached that detached, apathetic state, so by halftime I was able to appreciate folks having a hot salsa eating competition (Amanda kicked everyone's butt....totally d emasculated the guys!)  And, by the time the Ducks made their comeback attempt in the last five minutes I was able to appreciate the effort even though I was certain the loss was guaranteed.  Sadly, I was right.

I had taken a long nap before the game with Whitley in attempts to prepare her for a night of fun.  She must have precognitive abilities, because her attitude was sour from the start - so very unlike her in a group full of people ready to shower her with attention.  She sure looked cute, though.  =)

Despite my attitude, what a great crew of people!

Then, on Friday, we got a VERY special treat.  On HIS birthday, Michael Chase chose to bless us with a surprise visit.  At about 10:30 the doorbell rang, and we opened it so see him grinning there.  Great time for us to catch up with him, the changes he's anticipating in his life (graduating in June, new job opportunities).  John isn't pictured in these, but he was there participating in it all.

Can't say that I've ever seen my son looking better.  Due to their grading period, he had the day off. 

Whitley enjoyed his visit too.

At around 11:30, we got a text asking if she could come over and spend her lunch (half) hour visiting too.  Double treat!

In good times, and times that don't turn out so well, we are beyond blessed by the friends in our life!

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