Friday, November 29, 2013

So Much to Be Thankful For


We started out the morning thankful to have a couple hours before heading out to Mom and Dad's to just relax, go over the ads, and watch the "Thanksgiving Day Parade".  Traig woke up way late, hence his absence from these pics.

Doesn't Baxter look thrilled?

After dressing up a bit, we took a few pics.  Such gorgeous girls!

And check out the driver in this pic....YIKES!!!  It's Traig!!!!  Now that he has his permit, he's working on getting as much practice as he can.

It wasn't easy for John to take this pic - even with the fog - way too bright - but I'm glad we could prove he was up and able to participate in the festivities!!

Mom had the table ready to go for us -

And, we promptly assumed our kitchen rolls upon arrival.  

While Mackie just beamed with delight over all of the family in his home!

John took a pic like this of me a couple of years ago and wanted a repeat.  =)

Ellie went to work keeping the gravy stirred while heating it up.

The boys do nothing but mess around...

Michele is the one who always prepares the mashed potatoes.

Nati and Mikayla get the drink orders and prepare them.

Dad carves the turkey.

Too bad John was the one taking the picture (and not in it) because it actually turned out pretty decent for a group shot!

After the dishes and table were cleaned and food put away, we hit the "arena" for some "Flag Football".  At this point, I need to confess just how un-excited I am for participating in such an event.  It's one of those things that I know will be fun and memorable and oh-so worth it, but all I really want to do is lay on the floor in the living room, watch tv, (maybe fall asleep), and plan the Black Friday shopping strategy.

Mom, Michele, and I all felt that did Michael....but, we rose above our self-centeredness and joined the kiddos out on the field.  (Literally, a field - the horses had to be put in their stalls so we could play in their field).

And, yes....we had fun.  A lot of memorable fun.  

Uh oh!  Man down!  We deliberated taking a knee at this point.  Michael pulled his hamstring when trying to chase down Brayden.  Note that he does have the ball though!  Poor guy - he and John made quite a pair "recovering" for the rest of the weekend!

The more priceless moments of the game came when Mom made a reception and score, and when Brayden purposely fumbled a ball (it took skill to fumble like he did...) so that Ellie could catch it and run it in for a touchdown.  So sweet. What a good cousin!  (And what a fantastic football player - sheesh, that kid smoked us!  And, woah, was I horrendous....I didn't make one catch, so pathetic!)

The winning team is seated - Nati is demonstrating they were "#1" while Traig was pointing out it was the second time in the row the kids took the win.  Whatever.  Special thanks to Dad who manned the camera while we were playing.

Another VERY thankful Thanksgiving!!!

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