Friday, November 08, 2013

Promising News

Look at that!  John looks practically normal in this picture taken last night.  Woo Hoo!

We've seen remarkable aesthetic improvement in that eye over the last four or so days.  No longer is the surface uneven, and it is now almost more white color than red.  As for vision - still not much there (20/220 as measured yesterday) - but, we know that's just temporary.

We'd been looking forward to getting up to OHSU so badly - and then, the night before, I began getting a gruesome headache.  So, upon waking up Thursday morning, we made a detour to Mom's house for her to work on me.  She "released" the locked-up places, but my body still had to let go of the pain.  I'm telling you, between John and I, we were one sad couple. 

With angels undoubtedly surrounding us (especially through a torrential rainstorm on I-5), we made it to OHSU.  The appointment was relatively short.  They determined is eye pressure is a little high, which means he gets another set of drops - and his heart rate is very slow.  This is due the eye drops we've been taken to dilate the eye - for healing - but, it causes the heart rate to slow and a lot of discomfort with light sensitivity as the pupil is fully dilated.  The doctor wanted us to discontinue these and Lord willing, that will give John a lot more energy and ease his headaches and pain.

The best news - he'll be getting his new cornea and lens on Tuesday, November 26th - two days before Thanksgiving.  (We'll have a lot to be thankful for this year!).  We wish it could be tomorrow, but his doctor will be gone for two weeks, so we took the opening as soon as he returned.  If we base his recovery on how well it went previously (a year ago), we could hope for him to be on his feet and feeling good by the beginning of December.  SUCH GOOD NEWS!

Thank you again to all who've been praying, asking about him, offering support, and everything else.  We are so grateful for it all - particularly John's boss, Tyson - who has gone above and beyond to emphasize how much he wants John fully healed before making work any sort of priority.  Thank God for that family and their gift in our lives.

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