Saturday, November 23, 2013

Operation Christmas Child Birthday Party

A few weeks ago, I received a Facebook invite to attend my friend, Dawn's, birthday party.   It was totally out of character, but she asked for lots of presents.  However, in this case, the presents were of the Dollar Tree variety, in an effort to fill loads of shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  THAT is totally Dawn - using her birthday to give to others.  She's such an amazing person.

Unfortunately, my attitude arriving to the party was pretty horrid.  Our Ducks were losing miserably against Arizona.  At first, I was really struggling that I'd have to leave our Riley-White's viewing party before the game was over, but as we were down 5 scores going into the fourth quarter...I knew it was better that I go "to a better place" (literally).  There were about four of us that were all grieving, this gal, Sherri, was the first I chatted with.  I suggested we do the "sad face" pic....apparently she didn't get the memo...

We were challenged to bring enough to accommodate 15 boxes - we had enough to fill 22 - and sent home sacks worth of stuff in addition to make additional boxes or give to other charities.  I did my shopping Friday afternoon with Whitley - it was fun looking for things to fill for the various age/gender ranges.

I worked on boxes for the 14-16 year old girls.  We stuffed those boxes with journals, clothing accessories, journals, earrings, gum, jump ropes, and loads of other stuff.  It was so great thinking of these kids having their own special box of treasured items.  

Dawn had enticed us with chocolate and wine/sparkling cider - it was quite the beautiful spread in her cozy home.

Love this gal!

All these great!!!

Sitting here is Kallahan - she's the reason Dawn and I connected in the first place.  I fell in LOVE with her when she showed up with her mom at a Bible Study I attended when she was a little baby.  We bonded then, all three of us - and the rest is history.  

Such a special group of women, though I only know about half of them.  But, if they are dear friends that Dawn would invite to such an event, I know they have amazing hearts.

I wish this pic that included Dawn's daughters on the right was less blurry.  Morgan is the oldest, then Killian, than Kallahan.   Such treasures in Dawn's life (along with her other kids that weren't there) - and huge helps in making this event happen (particularly sweet Morgan).  As soon as I snapped the pic, Dawn asked me to pray over the presents and it rattled me a bit so I wasn't careful in checking that the pic turned out okay.  Times like these take me back to the days in college when I was asked to be in charge of the prayer nights for Campus Crusade - a position I felt so inadequate for.  At some point during the course of that year, I found myself doing less "pre-planning" as to what I'd say (in prayer) to the GROUP - and more just speaking aloud to GOD.  It's still not easy and a 100% accomplishment, but I've come a long way!

It was ABSOLUTELY what my heart needed to align my attitude to things less of this earth (and collegiate football/BCS rankings) and more of what's eternal. 

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