Monday, November 25, 2013

Anticipating Elsie!

The week of Thanksgiving was insanely busy!  Mikayla had her Webfoot Try-outs on the previous week and the "signing night" happened to land at the same time as Christi's baby shower.  Mikayla and I were determined to make both happen, and we did.  Mission accomplished.

(FYI - Mikayla made the team she was hoping for, with the three other girls she most wanted to have on her team....I think it will be a very fun season and I'm proud of her for giving it her all at try-outs!)

The shower for baby Elsie was held at Christi's parents' house out in Lowell.  It was kind of an adventure getting there with her, and some of the abstract conversations we shared will probably be imprinted in my mind forever.  The older that girl gets, the closer we get - so blessed.

Understandably, we were one of the last to arrive, but didn't miss out on too much.


These pics are mixed in from my phone and Kaela's camera - I like the one of the two of us better from my phone than the one taken from her camera.

Our "Thursday Night Life Group" contingency who were able to make it.

And, this is Christi's family (minus her "next in line" sister, who wasn't able to make the trip up from California...her daughter was born in the summer, so they'll have very close cousins!)  This family is so beautiful inside and out.

Christi's oldest sister's son was a key part of the entertainment.  He seemed to have a bit of a crush on Mikayla.  

Love this shot - all so ready to meet Baby Elsie!

One more good-bye to Mikayla by her littlest boyfriend!

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