Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pushing Through

I promise things will get a lot more lively and fun on this blog...give us just one more week and the holidays will explode around here, and then you'll get more "happy smiles and festivities" than you'll want to read about.

But, we're not there yet.  Personally, I have my annual doctor's appointment on Tuesday.  That means I'll want to weigh in at the same point (give or take by a minimal amount) where I've weighed in over the last several years.  I've got a few pounds to go.  Minimal eating means irritable Stephanie.  I know it might seem more like a pride point than anything else, but it is actually kind of an accountability for me, and definitely good timing to get myself a little lower before the holidays because we all know the damage that can be done that time of year!

It's also been a heavy time in the life of someone I meet with.  The reality she's facing is something brand new for me to walk along side - and I am so grateful for wisdom from our church leadership to help guide her way.  It's been an honor to be in her life, but so hard when there's so very little I can do besides pray, and just "be there". 

John is doing so much better, but still struggles with tremendous light sensitivity and lethargy.  It's been enjoyable having him around, enjoying Whitley together, etc. - but I know he's internally struggling with that pull to "contribute" - to get back to work and feel the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in providing.  However, Tyson has been adamant about wanting him to rest and be as healthy as possible going in to this next surgery so it will be as successful as possible.  You can't argue with that - and we are so grateful beyond any description that Tyson is demonstrating such an act of grace and love (and financial sacrifice) to insist John stays home. (Daniel, his buddy from work, stopped by today).

Mikayla has her Webfoot Club Volleyball try-outs tomorrow afternoon.  She is very nervous.  We've had her working with Ashley every other week to improve her skill set...we'll see how she does.  Mostly, it's a matter of who is on the team with her and not the name or level of the team.  I desperately hope she feels like the end result is fair and she's not separated from her friends.

Brayden - he's doing just fine.  He's been cheering on Sheldon High School for the last two Fridays as Marist's football season is over.  That means some good times with his two favorite Sheldon students, Tanner and Solomon.  I'm happy that, indeed, as I'd hoped, just because he's attending Marist doesn't mean he's losing his Sheldon friends. 

He's also beginning his own (at home) training in lacrosse.  Yeah, lacrosse.  I'm not sure if this is because all of his buddies are playing or if it's something that just seems like fun, but he's committed to playing when the season begins in March.  We traded in some sports gear no longer used at "Play It Again" sports and got him some balls and a stick he really likes.  I'm not sure why he has to gravitate to a sport that costs so much to participate in....but, hey, if he's a happy kid, I guess we'll write the checks (at least for a while and within reason).

So, there's a sampling of life for the Rileys lately - it's all bound to get a lot more cozy and festive very soon, but in the meantime, there's work to be done....

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