Friday, November 01, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I vividly remember last year being so "fried" by the time I got to Halloween night, that not only did I opt to not even trick-or-treat with the kids, I didn't even get any good pictures of the night.  So, I told myself I'd do better this year (especially with John out of commission).

It was a hodgepodge gathering of folks to share the holiday with us.  My mom was sick so my parents weren't able to come.  Leona was able to join us (and did a stellar job manning the door for our own visiting trick-or-treaters!).  Amy came to drop off Christina, but had to leave soon after to take Jackson and his friends trick-or-treating.   Mark joined us when he got off work.  Dennis and Adam made it over, but Lisa was working and Erica was with her friends.  We got the Whites with little Monkey Whitley for about half the time.   Sheldon and Christy, with their youngest son, Carter, showed up right as we were about to set off to cruise the neighborhood.  Finally, Cully came by and helped to fill in the gaps.  =)

Similar set-up to the previous Thursday, though much abbreviated.  

Our pumpkins, surprisingly, did a good job of hanging in there until Halloween.  (They were all trashed by Friday, though).  

Mikayla and Christina got the honor of taking Whitley to her first door....Travis snapped this proud picture with his Iphone.

Off to the neighborhood.  We had a light mist going on, but it wasn't nearly as cold as it could have been.  With the time change being so late this year, it did get a lot darker than usual on us. 

I love this house because of the beautiful boxer that lives there.  He wanted to help pass out candy.  =)

Mark was trying to get Whitley to give him a fist pump - instead she was doing her coy/flirt thing that she does with guys.

This person took quite a bit of time to put candy in a latex glove to pass out.  Mikayla was impressed.

You don't see Brayden in these pics because he went off with some of his freshmen friends from Marist to hang out at Ethan Henry's party in Creswell.  Gotta admit, the boys look rather formidable in this picture.  But, they are really are good guys.  Any guesses as to which one Brayden is?

That's right - going along with the superhero theme, Brayden was Captain America this year in the morph style of costume.  It was pretty cool, actually.  

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