Sunday, September 29, 2013

And Then the Monsoon Hit...

Yesterday was really a rather serendipitous day.  It started out warm and cozy moved into soaking wet and back again to warm and cozy.

You know a Saturday is going to start out good when you don't have to start it out with an alarm clock.  

We had a little bit of time on our own to chill as a family before Kenjon walked into the house, followed moments later by the Schilling family, and then just a few minutes later, Kaela.  And finally, Drew showed up about an hour later.  Full house, all absorbing the fire and candle ambiance, and the football in the background.  Michael and Michele were definitely focusing on the football as it was the Beavers playing Colorado.  This was the first OSU game of the season we could all watch with a little bit of ease, as the Beavers were playing very dominant.  (They've pulled wins out of all but the first game, but they've been scary and created a very high-strung Michele in the process).  ;)
It was really great to be able to just chill with Kaela for a while.  The ONLY issue I had with it all was how long it will be until it gets to happen again (and consequently, how little activities we both overlap in the future - especially our Thursday Night Lifegroup).  

This is the fourth weekend in a row we've been blessed to be able to have Michele's family down (the last two with Michael as well - yeah!).  So, this guy is getting kind of used to his weekend trip down.  He is such a cuddler - I sure love my Baxter.   

It's not a surprise at all that Kenjon's not a huge fan of the Beavers.  No worries though, it was the perfect background for a nap. =)  We take great delight in any house guests that feel comfortable enough, and enough like family, to snooze away.

When it was announced that this week's Duck game would take place at 7:30, we realized we had to make some decisions as Brayden wouldn't be able to attend due to Marist's Freshmen Lock-In.  We then planned on bringing someone else along with Mikayla, but last weekend, it dawned on us that we could invite Michael and Michele and have a fun double date.

However, earlier this week, Michele called with concern that there were some "Special Weather Statements"  about the potential for a September record-breaking rainfall storm.  I told her to "put on her big-girl panties" and get over it - after all, the forecast was more aimed for the northern part of the state, not so much Eugene.  But, as the week went on, our own forecast changed.  It started looking really ugly.

Fortunately, we had some quality gear - enough, in fact, to completely outfit Michele, so I could evade any excuses from her on why we couldn't go.  (Michael had been the ultimate determiner, encouraging her that it would be worth the rain for a rare adult double-date opportunity like this). 

As we walked in to the stadium, there wasn't a whole lot of precipitation.  But, almost as soon as these pictures were taken - it turned into a MONSOON.  Seriously, I've never actually stood out for any length of time in a storm like this.  It was unreal.  The winds were howling, it felt like you were standing underneath an upturned bucket, and every time you repositioned yourself to avoid the rain, the wind shifted to send it blowing it in your face.  It was a blast.


One of the reasons we weren't so willing to just bag attending the game altogether was to see Kenjon announced and honored on the field as a current NFL player/ UO alum.  He definitely wasn't dressed for the weather, so he spent a good chunk of the game under the tunnel. 
In the beginning, I jokingly asked John if we could leave after the fourth touchdown was scored.  As it turns out that happened with still five minutes to spare in the FIRST quarter.  There were 8 fumbles by Cal and one by us in throughout the game.  Really, not the most ideal conditions to play football in.  We ended up leaving at the conclusion of the first quarter - and were most happy to return back to our cozy home to catch the rest of the (endless) game at home.  With us reaching into the bottom of our depth chart, our scoring lessened quite a bit as the game went on, but we still won by a landslide, 55-16.

 Crazy, huh?!!!  (Photos by Eric Evans and Oregon Live)

Ah, but that will be one memorable game.  It will be fun memories with the Schillings to reminisce "Remember that Cal game when we got SOAKED?"  Good times, indeed.

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