Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back at Autzen

This afternoon, we were able to attend our first Duck game of the season at Autzen Stadium.   We managed to secure the two seats next to ours this year, so we will be able to use those seats for our whole family to attend, or on games when the kids are busy or not interested, invite other couples or sell them.  And, as always, our bff's sit just two rows above us...(a seating arrangement not at all determined by us...just an amazing gift by the athletic department 10 years ago!)  (Whitley got to spend the day with her grandma...just a little too noisy in Autzen for a busy one year old!)

We like to call Brayden and Mikayla the "third couple" in circumstances like this....the ones the rest of us all roll our eyes about based on their craziness.  Yes, they were happy they got to come, but no, they weren't entirely focused on the game.  (Playing apps on the ipad minis, hopping around, and eating, eating, eating....).  I will admit that it wasn't a very riveting game as we kind of blew Tennessee out of the water (59-14).  There's such a bias for SEC teams that it is gratifying to beat one of their teams so adamantly.  

I was delighted that the marine air was hanging around through our game.  At one point, the forecast was for 90 degrees while we'd be there...I was really worrying about melting in the stands as our seats face the sun.  We lucked out, it stayed cool throughout, with the clouds clearing only after the game ended.

Autzen Stadium has underwent some huge renovations in the last several years (thank you Phil Knight).  Among the new changes this year was this beautiful waterfall where we enter to reach our seats.  There were lots of families/couples posing just like we did.

I have to admit that it's not the same being there when we aren't able to zero in on Kenjon and cheer on his behalf proudly from the stands - but we still love our Ducks even when he's now moved on to be a "Panther".  Our next home game is against Cal.  We'll be taking Michael and Michele to that evening match-up - and with it being the Carolina Panther's bye week, perhaps we'll get a chance to see Kenjon again too.  =)

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