Friday, September 13, 2013

Whitley's Day at Autzen

On Monday, Mikayla and I made a repeat attempt at taking pictures with Whitley at Autzen Stadium.  Our first attempt was made the previous Thursday - but through no fault of our "model" or the surroundings, the photo shoot failed because I had the camera on the wrong setting.  I was so disappointed as I felt like I had captured so many priceless expressions of Whitley.

But, leave it to that little girl to not let me down, but instead, perform even more impressively as we spent less than 20 minutes repeating the experience on Monday.  Mikayla snapped some of these, and those she didn't man the camera for, she was standing just out of sight - ready to rescue Whitley if she got too excited around the water.  

This little girl is SO was a delight to capture her as a "Duck".  

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