Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kenjon's in Town!

With the Carolina Panthers having a "bye" this week, Kenjon was able to return to Eugene.  He'll be present at the UO game vs. Cal tonight, will probably get a bit of a shout-out, and then have to fly back to North Carolina early Sunday.  That poor guy won't even get the opportunity to fly back for Thanksgiving or probably Christmas.  Yikes....I'd never make it as an NFL player!  ;)

He's also gotten the opportunity to hang out with his son, Kingston.  Here's an Instagram pic he posted along with the words he expressed....very touching. 

On Thursday night, he stopped by our house.  Unfortunately, I was in the middle of participating in my Thursday Night Life Group - kind of rude to get up to give him a hug when I'm in the midst of listening to someone share their Heather and I's involvement in the "party in the bonus room" began a little late.

This picture wasn't my idea for posing (and definitely not my favorite for me) - but, another example of the fun that's had when we have our Kenjon back home.  =)

A little Sunday afternoon postscript - Kenjon put this same pic up on his own Instagram account and added this sweet tribute towards us - nice to know we're all very thankful for each other.

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