Sunday, September 08, 2013

This Week for Mikayla

After dropping Brayden off on Tuesday, I took Whitley and Mikayla along the river path.  She took her bike, which definitely kept my pace at a fast clip (this after having already done the elliptical....can you guess what happened by the end of the day?  Yup, headache...I'm such a dork!).  The scenery was great, though.  It was especially fun as we hit the backside of Marist's campus.  No, I wasn't stalking him - that's just where the bike path lands - which, at this point of life, is kind of cool - as we've been staring at the back of that school for so long, it now holds significance. 

Later on that afternoon, Kaela came to visit.  Since I didn't get a pic with her earlier, I made sure to get one this time around.  Whitley was in a spectacular mood, so Kaela was really getting a kick out of all of her antics.   The last time Kaela visited, Whitley had really been feeling under the weather - however, for Whitley, it's not that noticeable if you haven't spent a lot of time with her.  She's such a generally happy, content baby - that even when she's sick, she's still good - just less animated and more clingy.  (Which is bittersweet as her caregiver, because you end up getting a lot more hugs!).

It was awesome just having Kaela hanging out.  While I wasn't at all thrilled with how the house looked, it's Kaela, so it's okay.  I may be dressed obnoxiously, but it's Kaela - so it's okay.  I miss her, but am very thankful we've gotten to see each other as much as we have and hope her reasons to keep visiting Eugene keep coming up.  (Like the Tennessee game this next weekend!).

The next morning, Mikayla, Whitley, and I went out to Mom and Dad's.   Mikayla's "lat band" along her thigh had been strained so she was quite uncomfortable and a little worried as to what the problem was.  I, as mentioned before, was dealing with a nasty headache- compounded by fighting the residue of Brayden's cold in my sinuses.  Uck.  Mom helped a lot, but it took me until Saturday morning to be completely pain-free.  I feel like I owed Mikayla so much because much of Thursday and Friday afternoon were spent on the couch with an ice pack while she helped keep Whitley entertained/contained in the living room.  Thank God for that sweet girl - and oh, how I'll miss her once she heads back to school on Tuesday.

And, speaking of that "headed back", these pics were taken on Friday when Cal Young distributed schedules and lockers to the 6th graders.  In general, Mikayla scored bigtime, she has great teachers, a good locker location, and people she knows in all of her classes.  Of course, her and Kenady are bummed they only have one class together, but better than none.  Hopefully, they'll end up in the same lunch.  Mikayla is very anxious to find out about that.

With the Duck game the next day, Mikayla asked Steph if she'd pack Whitley's Duck cheerleader outfit so we could play "dress-up" with Whitley knowing she'd be seeing all of Mikayla's friends that day.  Of course, she was a big hit.  What Whitley thrives off of is "people attention" so if she knows she's the center of attention, she's generally a very happy camper and very, very friendly.  (She absolutely "makes the day" of elderly shoppers at the grocery stores - waving and saying "Hi" and "Bye" as she passes cute!)  We took her out of the stroller when we were by the lockers and she made her own attempts to open one, and then proceeded to "boot-scoot" (her seated version of crawling) down the hallway.  Apparently, she's ready for middle school!  =)

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