Saturday, October 05, 2013

Fall Means Football

For the Rileys, fall means football.   Both UO Duck Football, and Marist Football.  I can't say this season has been overly-stellar for Brayden, but we aren't necessarily surprised, knowing how many kids are on the team and therefore how little Brayden will see playing time.

Brayden got in about 6 plays at the last game, Thursday afternoon.  We were impressed with how much faster he seems to be.  I'm telling you, give that kid another 8-10 inches of height, and I think he'd be much more valued as a Safety or Wide Receiver.  It'll come, it'll come.

A common fixture at our games lately has been Cully.  Cully is the manager of the guys' AO House (equivalent of the Trinity House) and someone John has been meeting with since last year.  I really like Cully - and he enjoys our family too.  A week ago, he spent the whole Sunday just chillin' at our house, escaping some of the constant pressures existent at AO with a bunch of new guys moving in and asking a ton of questions.  He took a turn holding Whitley at this game.  My arms were legitimately worn out carrying her by the end of this afternoon - as this was definitely not a place I could have taken her stroller.  You can see how much she was passed around.

She enjoyed watching the seagulls during halftime.

Despite the fact that I was SO GROUCHY by the time this game concluded (just spent is all), I couldn't help but admire the gorgeous fall foliage.  This game took place where my high school played their Varsity Games (Silke Field), so it brought back memories of marching out as part of the Cabaret Drill Team onto the field. 

My attitude didn't necessarily improve when I saw this happening en route home.  That "0 miles" indicates how much distance I still have left to drive with the remaining gas in my tank.  UH OH!!!!  Thank God for Costco being just blocks from our house and right off the freeway.  We made it, phew! 

I'll be missing this week's game for Brayden.  It's day and time has been changed three times, so I'm not going to feel guilty when it now conflicts with plans made with our Thursday Night Life Group.  Very fun plans, I might add....I can't wait!

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