Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ahhhhhhh HARVEST TIME!!!

Over the last 7 or so years, the first couple of weeks of September has been marked with peculiar details in my Daytimer (calendar).  You'd find details as to where I might find gourds, Indian corn, cornstalks, white pumpkins - or any pumpkins for that matter.  In 2011, Safeway had their supply of Harvest decor produce out on September 6th - and in other years, they wait another couple of weeks.   It's a good thing I can count on Mom for corn stalks and that Springfield's Walmart Super Center has been very dependable at having their stuff out by the 10th.  And, yes, I am one of the first people they have to look up the "ring up" codes as I go through the check-out.  

This year, with Whitley with me at Walmart on Wednesday, I kept giddily chanting, "the pumpkins are here, the pumpkins are here".  I know....I'm weird....but, this time of year is sooooooo cozy.  And, especially this year, with a longer than what we are used to weather-wise summer - I am SO ready to embrace this autumn season - with all of the fun joys it brings:


So, yesterday was the day I requested a "Whitley Day Off" to pull out all the bins and transform the house from aqua accents to burnt oranges and crimson reds.  To burn the "Harvest" Yankee Candle, and "fluff up" the leaves of my wreaths.  It really was a glorious day - I was very much in my happy place working away and doing my "seasonal nesting".  

Happy Harvest everyone....and I have absolutely no shame in saying, "Bring it on!". 

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kleephotos said...

I love your house this time of year! Can't wait to come back and visit!