Thursday, July 25, 2013

Snippets of Brayden's Time at Harlow

When the boys go off to Camp Harlow, it's as if this time warp happens.  According to what information they give us about their experience, we suspect only about an hour of time actually transpires for them during the whole week they are there.  It's weird....maybe a sci-fi phenomenon, or perhaps just the reality of what's it's like trying to glean insight from teenage boys.  =)

So, when I get random texts from friends who work at Harlow that feature pictures or stories of my son, I treasure them.

The first one came from Danielle Henry.  Apparently, they'd just had "food wars" in which it was fair game to soak each other in food products.  In this case, it was Brayden's hair loaded up with pancake batter.  Ick! 

This next one came from Micaela Rahimian.  He was goofing off having apprehended her name badge.  She wished me happy birthday from both of them as she sent this text:

And, the one that made me smile the most.  This pic from Leah-

She does the cabin group photos for each of the groups and apparently Brayden had snuck up behind this group of girls (many he knows and is friends with) and tried to photo-bomb them from behind.  When they realized he was there, they asked him to lay down in front of them.  Good grief!  And, to top it off, they opted to keep that as their group shot.  WHAT AN OTTER!  Without a doubt, all these little "snippets" proved he was having a blast at high school camp. 

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