Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Rockies Road Trip...

Howdy from Colorado!

Just wanted to put a quick post up to say "I'm exhausted", "I have so much to blog about", "We are having an extraordinary time", and "WE SAW A BEAR"!!!!!!  (It was a grizzly and literally followed us on our hike on one of the Teton trails). 

With all that said, though - after another 10 hours in the car today, now that we have arrived at the hotel and have WiFi, I just can't make myself do the "homework" of uploading photos and putting together coherent thoughts that would adequately describe all of the fun we've had so far.  Instead, I might just eat some pizza (that we opted to have delivered instead of getting back in the car to drive somewhere else), read from my Kindle (yet to happen on this "vacation"), watch some tv....and perhaps go to sleep early.

Before I close off, though - I will elaborate further, but for now, let me send out a HUGE SHOUT OUT to our new friends: Steve, Emily, and Isla (I hope I got the spelling right for Emily and Isla).  We met Steve at the Winger's Restaurant in Rexburg and an immediate friendship was formed that we fully hope will only grow stronger.  More details to come later, but I want him to know how thankful we are that we met him!

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