Friday, July 19, 2013

On the Lake with the Thursday Night Ladies

Our Thursday night Bible Study generally takes the summer off.  When something is brought up to do, it's always optional so folks feel like they have freedom- and no guilt if they can't make it.  Since nothing had been brought up to do for a while, I figured I better get on it.  We toyed around with a couple of ideas, but the one that sparked the most interest was getting out on the boat.  So, I communicated the details and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of response I got and amount of people that were able to come.  We missed Stephie, Suzie, Leah, and Kaela - but, we were pretty much at capacity on the boat, so it all worked out. 

Elaina was one of the biggest fans of getting out on the boat.  It was the first time on our boat for her, Darcy, and Amanda.  About time!  

Christy has the beginnings of a baby bump now (of course, at her point, I was already full on wearing maternity clothes...but whatever....).  She wisely opted to just ride on the tube.  So glad she's past the first trimester and able to participate in activities without constantly feeling sick to her stomach.

Heather was first up on the board.  As she walked up to greet me when she arrived, she suggested she might not actually get out on the board as she was "so sore".  I was like, "uh huh, yeah, like that's gonna keep you in the boat and not on the water"....  Sure enough, she was out for a very long time, having the time of her life.

Next up, Kimmie.  This day happened to be the two year anniversary of the death of her beloved step-dad.  I was very glad we could be a fun distraction to her.  She did great on the board....carving it up like crazy.

And, then, there's Elaina.  She had boarded once before several years ago - and was excited (but nervous) to give it a try.  She did GREAT!!!!  She didn't stop smiling the entire time...  It made everyone else just so happy to watch.

The sign for victory at the end of her run!

We ended up going to the other end of the lake to pick up Amanda who arrived late due to work.  (She got a little lost).  I hopped in at that point.  By then, the water had glossed over and it was one of those dream runs of blissfulness.

And, then, what do you know, but that girl who wasn't sure if she'd get on the board, got out again.  Unfortunately, her board hit an edge wrong and feel backwards knocking her head pretty bad.  I don't think it was a concussion, but she had a pretty good headache.  =(  If she was sore before Thursday, I can only imagine what she felt like on Friday!

Gorgeous night!!!!

Tubing time!

This was supposed to be a "safe run" for these girls...which it pretty much was.  But, Darcy, who'd never been on one before, was astounded that this was a "slow run" was definitely enough adventure for her (but she had a blast according to Mikayla).  

We all peer-pressured Amanda to hop in the tube despite the fact she was wearing jeans (silly girl....).  She hopped in - what a good sport.

We were running out of light fast, so after dropping off Amanda we had to hustle to get back across the lake.  Hence the hoodies as we went fast.

Of course, it was necessary to end the evening at Dairy Queen.  Heather got suckered into carrying Mikayla.  

For all of us being bedraggled after the boat ride, and only one shot taken, I'm mighty impressed with this group shot.  Such a fun, fun evening.  Even better when it all came together better than expected.

Kenjon ended up meeting us at DQ, and then followed us back to our house to say good-byes.  It was about midnight before he left.  Hard to bid him farewell when it's probable we won't see him again until.....a bye week?....perhaps the game the Panthers play in San Fran that we might go to?....for sure, sometime after the Superbowl.  The life of an NFL player doesn't offer a lot of freedom from August through January, that's for sure.

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