Saturday, July 27, 2013

Just Add Water

...Or in this first picture....PAINT!

On the night of our birthday, the FBC middle school group held its first (annual?) paint wars.  Nati and Mikayla decided they wanted to go - which is great, as we are hoping to get Mikayla to actively participate in this new youth group.   

 The girls came home covered in paint, but had fun...

The next day, Christina came over after the girls' volleyball camp in the morning.  We set up a sprinkler under the trampoline, which, on a 94 degree day, felt pretty great.  When Whitley woke up from her afternoon nap, we took her out to join them.  Combine attention from the girls, the "bouncies" of the trampoline, the water, and the colorful balls and you get one pretty elated little girl!

Later that evening, we asked Michael Chase to join John and us girls out on the boat.  Michele got her first slalom run of the summer, I got another chance to board, Michael got his first run in the last two years - and, the coolest - Nati and Mikayla got some real quality time on the wakeboard.  I think they are officially "hooked".  (Nat has been a while, but this is the day Mikayla "took off").  Super fun to witness.

The girls then got some time on the tube.  (Can you tell we forgot the good camera?)

The weather was glorious that night - and the lake was glass....

One final water adventure occurred today for Nati and Mikayla as they participated in the middle school's rafting trip.  They had a blast, but ended up capsizing in one of the rapids....the only boat that did that day.  Yes, it frightened them a bit, but I think it also added to the adventure that they had.  Super proud of them for choosing to do something that required a bit of courage, vs. the more typical sit at home and hang out when they are together. 


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sara said...

That sunset was AMAZING! Wow. God at His finest!